Clarity und Sheffield Lab (24-Karat-Gold)

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Clarity und Sheffield Lab (24-Karat-Gold)

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Clarity Recordings
Clarity Recordings
P.O. Box 411407
San Francisco, California 94141-1407
Tel: (415) 626-7540
Fax: (415) 626-4190
Gold CD Catalog
CDC-1001 Mary Stallings Fine and Mellow
CDC-1002 Claudia Gomez Salamandra
CDC-1003 Redwood Symphony Stravinsky: Petrushka / The Soldier’s Tale
CDC-1004 Kevin Gibbs A Piano for All Seasons
CDC-1005 Redwood Symphony The Rite of Spring and Les Noces
CDC-1006 The Hot Club of San Francisco The Hot Club of San Francisco
CDC-1007 Auer, Delmoni and Rosen Schubert: Piano Trio, Opus 100 and Sontina in G Minor
CDC-1008 Stanley Thomas Keiser Secret Island
CDC-1009 Michael Bolivar Hangin’ Out
CDC-1010 The Clarity Collection A Sampler
CDC-1011 Dave Younger Western Hero
CDC-1012 Fodor and Peskanov Brahams: Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano
CDC-1013 Harvey Mandel Snakes and Stripes
CDC-1014 Chico Freeman The Emissary
CDC-1016 Arthur Blyth Night Song
CDC-1017 Eugene Fordor Witches Brew
CDC-1018 Mary Stallings Trust Your Heart
CCD-1012 Jeremy Cohen A Taste of Violin Jazz
Note: At this time, all Clarity titles are available in both aluminum and gold versions.

Sheffield Lab Recordings

Sheffield Lab Recordings, 408 Bryant Circle, Suite B, Ojai, California, 93023
Gold CD Catalog
10046-2 G Various Artists The Sheffield Jazz Experience
10053-2 G Various Artists The Sheffield Pop Experience
10066-2 G Amanda McBroom Amanda
10067-2 G Pat Coil Pat Coil Gold
10510-2 G Clair Marlo Let It Go
10055-2 G James Newton Howard James Newton Howard & Friends
10057-2 G Harry James and His Big Band The Best of Harry James
10043-2 G Erich Leinsdorf, L.A. Philharmonic The Sheffield / Leinsdorf Sessions Vol.I
10044-2 G Lincoln Maygova, Moscow Philharmonic A Gershwin Celebration
10047-2 G Lukas Foss / Sheffield Ensemble Bach – Malloch – The Art of Fuguing
10052-2 G Erich Leinsdorf, L.A. Philharmonic The Sheffield / Leinsdorf Sessions Vol.II
10508-2 G Sheffield Lab Recordings Audio Test Disc – My Disc
10507-2 G Kodo Heartbeat Drummers of Japan
10065-2 G Sheffield Lab Recordings MDMS System Conditioning and Degaussing Disc
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